Friday, September 26, 2008

ants in my pants

Fridays are rest days. So, not only did I not run this morning, but I slept in, too. Now I feel hyper-restless and want to do somersaults or cartwheels. Where can I stash this excess energy for later?

I am taking some classes this semester, and one of them is infringing on the mental space reserved for running. It was announced this week that the exam previously scheduled for October 15th is being moved to October 22nd. The problem here is that I have a marathon on October 19th. One major ingredient of a good race is mental focus. Having an exam behind me leaves lots of space for that focus, but now I will be distracted by the stress of an upcoming test, plus the added pressure of being away for a week beforehand, unable to participate in study groups and without the time to really review.

Color me unhappy. This might sound like whining over something trivial, but it really does matter. Ugh.

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